Tyrants and Leninists want free countries racially divided. But united, we will fight for freedom and defend Ukraine!

5 November 2021

Tbilisi Georgia street graffiti



In 1984, Soviet KGB defector to the United States Yuri Bezmenov warned that demoralization was the first stage in Moscow’s plan of attack on free countries. 

In the effort to make free people doubt themselves and passively surrender their liberty, fake racial justice activists and ersatz intellectuals would play a major role, according to Bezmenov.

Guided by totalitarian ideologies and tyrannical regimes, these bad actors were already sowing confusion and self-doubt in Western countries, to the extreme delight of brutal regimes in places like Moscow, Havana, and Pyongyang.

Soviet KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov

In 1984, surely most of his interlocutors imagined that Bezmenov was exaggerating.  However, if Bezmenov were alive in 2021, perhaps even he would be surprised at the degree to which Western countries have bowed down to extremist ideologies flying the false flag of justice.

Black Lives Matter, Nicolás Maduro, Vladimir Putin

Alliance of Starvation and Terror: (clockwise from upper left) Russian dictator Putin with Nicolás Maduro, an author of crimes against humanity who has imposed starvation on millions of families while torturing dissenters and student protesters; Black Lives Matter founder and avowed communist Opal Tometi embracing the bloodthirsty tyrant Maduro; a starving family in Venezuela.

Exploiting the trust and naïveté of Americans, who had grown complacent in the enjoyment of their traditional freedoms, Marxists allied to brutal totalitarian regimes have quietly but aggressively taken control over foundational institutions of the United States, including universities, the news media, and the entertainment industry.

Noel Ignatiev

Above: Communist professor at Harvard and former bomb maker Noel Ignatiev.  From the comfort of the United States, he demanded that so-called whiteness be destroyed “by any means necessary.”  He argued that European ancestry was inherently connected to capitalism and everything evil. He published a so-called journal entitled Race TraitorBelow: Children who had to endure actual communism, Ukraine, circa 1930.

Encouraging a sheepish cult mentality, avoiding debates or any contest of ideas, the fake intellectuals and phony racial justice activists have used intimidation and ostracization as much as possible. 

Not content with their takeover of American institutions, they are aggressively promoting a genocidal ideology à la Rwandaise, imagining that racial bloodshed will give birth to their communist Utopia, foreseeing themselves at the helm as unanswerable commissaires. 

Logically, when a sham intellectual such as Brittney Cooper, a taxpayer-funded professor at a public university, openly and explicitly suggests that European-Americans are villains who must be exterminated as an entire race, her university feels no pressure to make a statement or to distance itself from those remarks.  

The vast bulk of the so-called news media, by not even mentioning this genocide ideology corrupting young minds, treats it as entirely routine and part of established marching orders.

Brittney Cooper, pro-genocide professor at Rutgers university

Left: Leftist professor Brittney Cooper of Rutgers, a public university in New Jersey.  Cooper openly suggests that Americans of European descent are naturally “villains” and should be exterminated.  Right: Hutu génocidaires in Rwanda, 1994.

However, it is not enough to denounce these Marxist génocidaires and agents of foreign tyrants.

Good people who love freedom must aggressively offer a competing vision that unites the populations of the free world.  

All economic classes, ancestry groups, and cultural groups already living in any given geographic area must come together as much as possible to advance shared values: human dignity, liberty, human spirit, and democracy.

By “human spirit,” this author means to designate vigor, enthusiasm, and courage.  

“Human dignity” denotes the societal attributes that foster self-respect and a sense of constructive belonging: acceptance of individuality, family, work, safety, security, ownership, opportunity, culture, and protection of the environment.

The four shared values mentioned above depend on each other and do not make sense without each other.  

This discovery of the author, if deeply understood and reflected upon, can help reinvigorate the peoples of the free world and fill the cognitive void left gaping by the legions of counterfeit intellectuals.

Freedom-loving people must exemplify brotherhood, solidarity, and tolerance; only spiritual and moral strength will provide a lasting advantage over the agents of darkness and division.

Ukraine’s struggle with Russia over Ukrainian sovereignty and democracy represents a key opportunity for all good people to come together and cooperate on a vitally important cause.

After so many decades of genocide and terror, Ukraine has somehow managed to pull itself up into the ranks of European democracies.  For the free world, Ukraine represents a golden opportunity to consolidate liberty and prosperity in the heart of Eastern Europe.

Furthermore, Ukraine constitutes a chance finally to confront that complacency that has proved so damaging to our own societies.  If we can gather our cognitive and physical forces — and demonstrate our spiritual strength — we can at once gain an ally and build confidence to look to future challenges.

For example, if tyranny in Russia or China were to totter, if a window of opportunity for democracy were to emerge there, would the world’s democracies know how to help? Would free peoples be able to overcome apathy and complacency? Cannot the free world develop some of the skills that would be required by standing resolutely by our Ukrainian brothers in this present struggle?