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Tbilisi, Georgia: crime and poverty incongruity

15 October 2021

According to the prevailing theory in the United States and other Western countries, crime and violence naturally spring from poverty.  Yet objective data from Georgia and other countries strongly refute this view.




While the United States has a serious problem with street crime and urban violence, the tiny republic of Georgia does not.

Although the GDP per capita is roughly $4,500 USD per annum, compared with $65,000 USD in the U.S., the streets of Georgia are more welcoming for families than those of any large city in the U.S.

Our family checking out the menu of a restaurant in Tbilisi, Georgia

Leading up to 2020, the U.S. had a homicide rate of about 4.5 or 5 per 100,000 residents.  However, subsequent the Marxist-led movement to “Defund the Police” and to denounce “whiteness” as the nation’s leading issues, unsurprisingly the country has seen a massive increase in violence.

Takoda exiting a street underpass in the Old City of Tbilisi, Georgia

In many city parks across the U.S., families can scarcely use the green spaces left by previous generations.  Drug users, homeless encampments, and gangs intimidate visitors and spread unhygienic conditions.  

In California, Washington State, and other wealthy regions, even downtown sidewalks are covered with semi-permanent tent settlements and concomitant untreated sewage.

That a low-income country like Georgia can maintain clean, clear streets and parks does not dovetail with the prevailing justifications offered by the news media, academics, and politicians in the United States.

Even worse for their narrative: Georgia and other low-income countries have relatively few misdemeanors or felonies.  This completely undermines the story of crime emerging from poverty and the demographic group of “whites,” a fictionally homogeneous race that supposedly always oppresses people, forcing innocent victims into a life of criminality.

Like any “us vs. them” narrative, this ideology is 90% about “them” and only 10% about “us.”  That is, the supposed beneficiaries of far-Left ideology suffer just as much, if not more, than the scapegoats. 

Next to the Opera and Ballet Theatre of Tbilisi, Georgia

Just as Marxists attack the “evil bourgeoisie” only to impose starvation on the so-called proletariat, communists also manage to double or triple the number of homicide victims in urban centers with neutered police departments.  Somehow, “black lives matter” means that vastly more “blacks” must be murdered; millions more law-abiding families of every complexion must be terrorized.

Takoda standing atop a staircase in the Old City of Tbilisi, Georgia

Eden enjoying a drink on his first evening in Tbilisi

A typical neighborhood in the Old City of Tbilisi, in the republic of Georgia